Appeal trial for three policemen acquitted in the Borsellino massacre cover-up. (68 characters)

The appeal process against police officers Mario Bo, Fabrizio Mattei, and Michele Ribaudo, accused of defamation in favor of the Mafia in the investigation into the tampering of evidence in the Via D’Amelio massacre, will begin on October 31st in Caltanissetta. They are accused of helping create the false pentito Vincenzo Scarantino. In the first trial, the three officers were acquitted: Bo and Mattei due to the statute of limitations, Ribaudo because the act did not constitute a crime. High penalties were requested by the prosecution. Along with judge Borsellino, five police officers from the escort also died in the massacre. Over the past thirty years, five trials have been held, with fourteen if counting appeals and decisions from the Court of Cassation. More than thirty judges have given their opinion on what happened in Palermo on July 19th, 1992, at 16:58. There have been convictions, including life sentences, acquittals, and a review of life sentences given to innocent individuals unrelated to the massacre.

Depistaggio sulla strage Borsellino, processo di appello per i tre poliziotti assolti in primo grado

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