Anxiety grows in Siracusa after Rosario’s disappearance: drones and molecular dogs deployed

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For almost three days the traces of Rosario Decente in Siracusa have been lost and now drones and sniffer dogs are in action to find him. The 53-year-old man has left the La Margherita community where he was staying, and has not returned. The social workers at the facility, who assist patients with psychiatric disorders, have reported that he had previously headed from the Cappuccini area in Siracusa towards Teocrito, but had always returned after a few hours.

After the report to the police and appeals on social media, the search plan for missing persons coordinated by the prefecture was activated: carabinieri, firefighters, civil protection, and dozens of volunteers are working to scour the entire area. Searches have also been initiated at sea, with the coast guard monitoring a wide area. The passing hours inevitably increase the concern, which is why drones and sniffer dogs have also been deployed.

The municipal police drone has monitored the area of the former Santa Panagia tuna fishery from above, but even in this case the searches have been unsuccessful. Rosario is described as a calm and friendly person. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a beige jacket, dark pants, blue shoes, and a black fanny pack. “He walked away and we haven’t heard anything from him since. Please help us find him, if you see him, contact the authorities,” the social workers who follow him once again ask.

Siracusa, cresce l’ansia dopo la scomparsa di Rosario: in azione anche droni e cani molecolari

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