ANM president responds to Nordio at the Palermo Congress: “Dialogue does not reduce distances”

The president of the National Magistrates Association (Anm) criticized a proposed constitutional reform that he believes would not benefit justice and would endanger the independence of the judiciary. He emphasized the importance of maintaining the current independence of the public prosecutor’s office. The Anm is critical of the reform and does not believe it is necessary to amend the constitution, as it has served the judiciary well. The president of the Anm also expressed concern about potential attacks on the judiciary’s independence in Europe and emphasized the need to defend democracy. Additionally, he criticized the idea of separating the roles of investigating and judging magistrates, as it could lead to political interference and undermine the equality of the legal system.

Il congresso di Palermo, il presidente dell’Anm risponde a Nordio: «Il dialogo non riduce le distanze»

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