ANM Congress in Palermo, President Santalucia: “Weakens Justice with Career Separation”

The president of the National Magistrates’ Association Giuseppe Santalucia expressed concerns about the restriction of the jurisdiction’s boundaries and the judiciary’s expanding power during the 36th congress of the National Magistrates’ Association in Palermo. He highlighted the need for a collective commitment to building the community’s future and criticized attempts to separate judicial careers, arguing that it undermines the judiciary’s independence. He also commented on the elimination of the abuse of office crime and emergency measures introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic, which he believes weaken the control and accountability of public officials. Santalucia concluded by warning against viewing the judiciary as an obstacle to administrative efficiency and economic vitality.

Congresso Anm a Palermo, il presidente Santalucia: «Giustizia più debole con la separazione delle carriere»

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