Ancient Shepherds’ Life: Alcamo Archaeologist’s Mission in Georgia, 5,000 Years Ago

An archaeological mission led by Massimo Mirabella, president of the Sicilian Geographical Society, is currently conducting research in Georgia, near the border with Russia. The mission is focused on studying the current migration routes of Georgian shepherds and establishing archaeological connections between these routes and activities during the Bronze Age in the Caucasus region. The goal is to compare the practices of modern shepherds with archaeological findings to enhance understanding of the extraction of obsidian in the region during the Bronze Age. The first phase of the mission explored the mountain routes and camp locations of shepherds in the Tusheti region. The second phase, planned for 2024, will aim to correlate the low-altitude discoveries of prehistoric obsidian artifacts with the transport and processing procedures used in ancient times. The research is supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Embassy in Tbilisi. The Sicilian Geographical Society aims to involve as many people as possible in the research and funding of these missions, recognizing the importance of culture and scientific progress.

La vita dei pastori 5mila anni fa, missione di un archeologo di Alcamo in Georgia

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