Amap requests temporary lift of seizure in Casteldaccia due to excessive gas in sewers

The Amap will ask the prosecutor of Termini Imerese to temporarily release the lifting plant in Casteldaccia, where operations are underway to stop the discharge of sewage into the sea at the Secca della Maiorana nautical club, on the SS113 highway. The request is necessary to allow the workers of the Palermo Municipality to work safely in part of the sewer system where an incident occurred on May 6 resulting in the death of five workers and serious injury to another. The technicians, wearing protective suits and respiratory equipment, have taken water and sediment samples from several locations for analysis. Results from these tests, which aim to determine the presence of certain compounds, will be sent to the regional environmental agency for further investigation. Toxicologist Dr. Pietro Zuccarello will also take biological samples from the victims next Tuesday for analysis. Permits for safety measures are expected to be issued in two months, with expert opinions on liability due in August.

Casteldaccia, nella fognatura c’è ancora troppo gas: l’Amap chiede alla procura il dissequestro temporaneo

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