Altavilla massacre: Barreca’s belief – “The Brothers of God made me drink”

The article talks about Giovanni Barreca, who is still experiencing delusions and believes he is fighting against demons. He admitted to his lawyer, Giancarlo Barracato, that he participated in the massacre in Altavilla Milicia, where his wife and two children were killed. Barreca claims he was under the influence of Sabrina Fina and Massimo Carandente, who he believes made him do things he was accused of. The article also mentions that Sabrina and Massimo deny any involvement in the crimes and accuse Barreca and a minor of being responsible. The lawyer is still waiting for the results of technical investigations and is planning to meet with both sides to gather more information.

Strage di Altavilla, la convinzione di Barreca: «I fratelli di Dio mi hanno fatto bere»

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