Altavilla Massacre, Barreca: “I want to hug my daughter”

Giovanni Barreca has cried because he wants to see his daughter again, he asks about her insistently, he wants to know how the seventeen-year-old is doing, the only surviving accused along with her father of having taken part in the massacre of Altavilla Milicia. He has reconstructed again how the events of those days unfolded in the grip of the usual delusions of a religious fanatic into which he has fallen: his was a lucid monologue yesterday (Friday 7 June) – in a small room at the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto prison where he was recently transferred – in front of his lawyer Giancarlo Barracato and the psychiatrist Alberto Caputo who, along with the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone, are defining the party expertise. The man, after his arrest, was taken to Pagliarelli but, after an assault, he had been moved to Enna: even here he had received the same treatment, which is why he is now in a cell of the Messina penitentiary where inmates with psychiatric problems are confined.

“The complete article by Fabio Geraci on the Giornale di Sicilia in newsstands.”

Strage di Altavilla, Barreca: «Voglio abbracciare mia figlia»

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