Almond blossoms: folk groups on trains from Aragona to Agrigento

Explain to me briefly the following article:

“Agrigento like Gardaland: capable of entertaining even during the journeys all those who, in these days, today especially, have chosen to experience the 2024 edition of the Almond Blossom Festival. The idea came from Prefect Filippo Romano and the administrators and organizers of the event embraced it.

From Friday afternoon until today, Trenitalia in agreement with the Sicilian Region, has provided 38 additional connections between Aragona Caldare and Agrigento central station. The goal is to ensure that all those who want to experience the moments of the Almond Blossom Festival have no difficulty in reaching the city of the Temples, nor in wasting time looking for parking. The festive atmosphere is already felt as soon as you board the train from Aragona Caldare to Agrigento central. And this is because there is folk entertainment on the trains. Just like theme parks.

The experiment is getting a great response from all those who have chosen to come to the city by train. An initiative that, given its success, can only be replicated also in occasion of the 2025 for Agrigento as the capital of culture.”

Mandorlo in fiore, i gruppi folk sui treni della tratta Aragona-Agrigento

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