Allocation of 68 million euros in training funds to 271 entities in Sicily: Avviso 7 ranking revealed.

The article discusses the allocation of funds for professional training courses in Sicily. The focus has shifted from hairdressing and beauty courses to include mechanics, technicians, builders, waiters, sommeliers, IT specialists, and communication technicians. The funding is distributed among 217 organizations offering 702 courses tailored to 73 different professional profiles demanded by the job market. The new funding mechanism requires organizations to propose courses in specific professional areas identified by the region, with penalties for exclusion if not complied with. This change aims to decentralize funding and prevent monopolies in the industry. The article also highlights the distribution of courses across different cities in Sicily, with a total of 11,271 students enrolled.

Avviso 7, a 271 enti i fondi della formazione: ecco la graduatoria che assegna 68 milioni in Sicilia

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