Alcamo’s Villa Comunale in darkness, vandals damage spotlights

Children and families at a playground in Alcamo, Italy are left in darkness. The municipal park, equipped with recreational facilities and outdoor fitness equipment, remains completely unlit in the evenings and at night due to damaged spotlights caused by vandalism. The park was renovated by the municipality in 2009. This situation poses a security risk and contradicts the park’s dedication to two magistrates who were victims of the mafia, as well as other anti-mafia activists. The local government plans to address the issue with Enel X to enhance public lighting in various green areas, including Falcone and Borsellino Square, but this will be done at a later time as current focus is on the roads. Therefore, the blackout is expected to continue for several more months. It is crucial to pay attention to this issue, as the square is frequently visited by young people and families, even in the evening.

La villa comunale di Alcamo al buio, i faretti danneggiati dai vandali

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