Alarm for a colony of 200 cats in Marettimo as the Municipality announces sterilizations and a veterinary clinic on the island.

Marettimo, the furthest island of the Egadi archipelago, is home to approximately 700 residents and a unique colony of 200 stray cats. Many of these urban felines have “self-organized” and are cared for by residents who have always had a soft spot for animals. Paolo Panepinto, along with two other friends, takes care of about 15 cats and spends 20 euros per week on their care. The rest of the cats are located in other areas but have not been officially counted. Panepinto highlights that a project was proposed to contain the feline population in order to preserve local and migratory species, but it did not come to fruition. As a result, the initial group of 50 cats has now increased to 200. Panepinto, like other residents, has been requesting sterilization measures from the municipality for over a year to prevent further breeding. The lack of a veterinary clinic is a challenge for operating on the island, although a private individual has offered space in their home for this purpose. The current situation with 200 cats is a far cry from the initial reports of around 50 cats, and prompt intervention could have prevented these problems. Ignazio Galuppo, deputy mayor of Favignana (to which Marettimo belongs) with responsibility for health, has assured that the municipal administration is already addressing the issue. The local police commander, who manages the stray animal service, has drawn up an agreement with the Provincial Health Authority, foreseeing the start of a sterilization campaign and the establishment of a temporary veterinary clinic on the island to better coordinate operations. The agreement is expected to be signed soon, and activities can commence.

Allarme per una colonia di 200 gatti a Marettimo, il Comune annuncia sterilizzazioni e un ambulatorio veterinario sull’isola

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