Ai “Carboni Ardenti”: Global Style AI

Carmelo Carbone, a world-renowned pizza chef, has opened a must-visit pizzeria in Catania called “Carboni Ardenti.” The pizzeria offers thirteen different pizza crust options, catering to a wide range of preferences including gluten-free and multi-grain. Carmelo’s passion for pizza began at a young age, and after years of hard work and dedication, he has become a champion in the pizza world. His secret for a digestible pizza lies in the dough, which is made using ancient methods and a 24-hour fermentation process. Carmelo’s dedication to creating the perfect pizza has led to numerous national and world championships, including winning the title of world champion in gluten-free white pizza. His pizzeria, “Carboni Ardenti,” located in the Cibali area of Catania, has become a mecca for pizza lovers, offering a variety of delicious and easily digestible options for all.

Ai «Carboni Ardenti» in stile mondiale

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