Agrigento’s champion trains amidst weeds and waste

In just over a month, the Italian javelin champion, Giusi Parolino, will be facing another major sporting challenge at the European Championships. However, she is only allowed to use the local stadium for two hours a week, forcing her to train on the streets among bushes and garbage every day. She has the option to travel to sports facilities in Enna at her own expense, but this has become unsustainable. The Mayor and the Sports Assessor have confirmed that she is only allowed to train at the Esseneto stadium for one hour, two days a week. Parolino argues that this is not enough time for a professional athlete preparing for high-level competitions, as they typically train 7 to 9 times a week for about 3 hours a day. She also states that the alternative venue suggested does not meet the requirements for javelin throwing.

Agrigento, la campionessa si allena tra erbacce e rifiuti

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