Agrigento Man Killed by Aorta Injury: Palmese Roberto Di Falco Had No Hope

A pistol shot, it seems, accidentally cut his heart aorta leaving him no chance. This is how Roberto Di Falco, a 38-year-old merchant from Palma di Montechiaro, was killed in the parking lot of a car dealership in Villaggio Mosè in Agrigento after a dispute with a competitor over a car paid for with bounced checks. This was determined by the autopsy performed by forensic pathologist Alberto Alongi in the mortuary of the San Giovanni di Dio hospital. The expert in forensic medicine, appointed by the Prosecutor’s Office to conduct the autopsy, found abrasions on the palm of the hand of the victim, which appear to be due to the cycling of the gun.

According to the reconstruction made by the Prosecutor’s Office, Lillo Zambuto, the car dealer who had not settled the debt, after being threatened with a 9mm semi-automatic gun, reacted with a personal defense technique, managing to turn the gun towards the thirty-eight-year-old. The chief prosecutor Giovanni Di Leo and the substitute prosecutor Gaspare Bentivegna, in charge of the investigation, after the autopsy, ordered technical investigations on the cell phones and SIM cards used by the three suspects, Angelo Di Falco, 39 years old, brother of the victim, Domenico Avanzato, 36 years old, and Calogero Zarbo, 40 years old, which could prove to be of particular investigative interest in reconstructing movements, messages, and phone calls before, during, and after what would have been a punitive expedition gone wrong.

The three men from Palma, investigated for manslaughter, attempted murder, and illegal possession of a weapon, through their lawyers Santo Lucia and Antonio Ragusa, have appointed a consultant. The Mobile Squad reconstructed the entire sequence of events thanks to the prompt analysis of the videos acquired from the surveillance cameras of the commercial structure. The two Di Falco brothers and the other two accomplices arrived at the dealership parking lot and repeatedly punched the owner in the face. It was during this altercation that the fatal shot was fired.

Furthermore, immediately afterwards, the victim’s brother aimed the gun at one of the car dealer’s sons and pulled the trigger, but the gun jammed. Immediately after the shooting, Angelo Di Falco and one of the accomplices transported the injured person to the hospital in Agrigento, where he died around 6 pm in the emergency room due to the severe injury sustained.

The motive for the attack stemmed from some debts that the dealership owner had incurred with the two brothers, who were also owners of a similar commercial activity in the area of Palma di Montechiaro, resulting from the sale of used cars and partially paid for with a bounced €5,000 check.

Agrigento, il colpo gli ha tranciato l’aorta: ecco perché il palmese Roberto Di Falco non ha avuto scampo

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