Agrigento loses its drummer Emanuele Lo Vullo, friends mourn his memory

Agrigento mourns its drummer Emanuele Lo Vullo. A respected musician in the city of the Temples and beyond, Lo Vullo passed away at the age of 69 due to a respiratory problem. Considered the father of the drum in Agrigento, he was appreciated throughout Sicily and also in the rest of the country. Together with the Svitols, he represented an important piece of the history of Agrigento’s music. He was part of the folk group of the Valley of the Temples, and for a period he worked as a sound technician for a local TV station.

The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 pm in the new church of Villaseta.

Friends remember him affectionately on social media. Alessandro Patti writes a long farewell post. Here are some lines: “His name was Emanuele, but everyone called him Manueli; someone, prompted by himself, also called him Manuvé, as our beloved Nonna Anna used to do – shouting. No, we were not brothers or cousins; we were not even relatives, but probably something more … Like war veterans who tell their stories and anecdotes, when he appeared at Nonna Anna’s house, Manueli told me his stories: he spoke of the visceral and mysterious love for the drum; a love hindered by his father. At that time, music was something for idlers, something that would never allow you to live with dignity. And so Manueli found refuge with Nonna Anna and his aunts, and with pots, lids, and some chairs, he built his drum set and played … Today I bid a final earthly farewell to a piece of my life, With ups and downs, light and dark, it’s a beautiful piece that I will always carry in my heart. Goodbye Manue ‘…. and say hello to Nonna Anna!.”

Margherita Siracusa, posts a funny photo and writes: “This is how I want to remember You … with that mischievous and sly face. You are part of my most beautiful memories, those of dreams and carefreeness. You were a burst of vitality and sympathy, kindness and sweetness. You loved me dearly and always showered me with compliments, too many, I didn’t deserve them. Fly happily, Emanue ‘, great drummer and great Friend. I will always carry you in my heart, which gradually fills with more and more special people.”

Agrigento perde il suo batterista Emanuele Lo Vullo, il ricordo commosso degli amici

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