After the massacre in Casteldaccia, wastewater disposal at sea, the mayor says: “Release the plant”

The Municipality of Casteldaccia has sent a request to the Prosecutor of Termini Imerese for the release of the lifting plant where, in the workplace accident on May 6, 5 workers lost their lives and another was seriously injured due to toxic fumes. On the investigative front, prosecutors Giacomo Barbara and Elvira Cuti have obtained the work order from Amap which specified how maintenance work should be carried out.

The document reportedly did not contain any instructions to enter the well, the intervention was supposed to only involve maintenance of the manholes from the outside and later cleaning them with the suction truck found at the scene of the tragedy. The magistrates are therefore trying to ascertain whether there was an unauthorized order to solve the problem of sewage discharge into the sea.

The request to the magistrates was forwarded by Mayor Giovanni Di Giacinto in his capacity as health authority on the territory while, in recent weeks, Amap – which manages the service in the city and province – had written to the magistrates warning that the stoppage would inevitably result in sewage discharge into the sea. This is precisely happening, as evidenced by numerous reports from residents and owners of businesses in the area highlighting the health emergency situation. “The pump is stopped – explains the mayor – and untreated sewage is ending up in the sea.”

(A complete article by Fabio Geraci in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia in newsstands today)

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