Aeolian Islands, Stromboli intensifies explosive activity: Civil Protection alert

The Stromboli volcano has intensified its explosive activity during the peak tourist season, prompting the head of the regional Civil Protection, Salvo Cocina, to alert authorities. He contacted the national emergency manager, the prefect of Messina, and the mayor of Lipari, and activated internal operational procedures due to the increased spattering activity at the Stromboli crater, as reported by the Ingv-Etna Observatory. “Such procedures involve constant communication with monitoring centers,” he explained. He also urged the mayor to inform the population and especially guides for precautionary measures and possibly suspend excursions. Stromboli is currently experiencing intense spattering activity, feeding modest lava flows on the upper part of the Sciara del Fuoco, with a length of about 100 meters. There is also rockfall on the Sciara down to the coastline. A significant increase in volcanic tremor amplitude has been recorded, reaching very high levels, which continue to persist. The maximum value was reached during the day.

Isole Eolie, lo Stromboli intensifica l’attività esplosiva: allerta della Protezione civile

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