Adidas is seeking professionals for the Agira Outlet store, how to submit your application

Adidas is looking to hire various professionals in Italy, including in Sicily. The sportswear company is selecting professionals for its Outlet Village store in Agira, Enna province. The selection is open to high school graduates and college graduates. The available positions include Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, and Sales Assistant. The requirements for Store Manager include over 18 months of experience in a sports/fashion retail environment with at least 12 months of store management responsibility, knowledge of Visual Merchandising and inventory management, strong training and team-building skills, a degree in management, advanced analytical skills, excellent communication skills, goal-oriented mindset, efficient decision-making ability, time management skills, and leadership abilities. Sales Assistant requirements include a minimum of one month of sales or customer-oriented experience, knowledge of retail KPIs and sales promotion tools, effective customer service and selling skills, teamwork, resilience, a willingness to learn and curiosity, and good communication skills. Interested individuals can apply online through the company’s website or submit a spontaneous application.