Addiopizzo: From Kalsa to Stadio Barbera in Palermo – football that unites

The article talks about a group of children from piazza Magione who had the opportunity to attend a Palermo football match at the Renzo Barbera stadium, thanks to an initiative organized by Addiopizzo and Palermo Football Club. The children showed their support for the team by wearing scarves and hats, and they enjoyed the experience of being in the stands and joining in with the fans’ chants. The article also highlights the social inclusion aspect of the initiative, with activists and volunteers working in the Kalsa neighborhood to create opportunities for the children. The children had a great time at the match, experiencing moments of joy and socializing. The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of addressing poverty and degradation in order to combat criminal activities like extortion, and how the love for football has helped bring young people in the Kalsa neighborhood together and build relationships with their families.

Addiopizzo, dalla Kalsa allo Stadio Barbera di Palermo: il calcio che unisce

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