Actress Giusy Buscemi is Vanina: a female Montalbano who smokes and swears

Giorgio Marchesi talks about his experience working with Giusy Buscemi on the new TV series “Vanina – A Deputy Commissioner in Catania”, which will premiere on March 27th on Canale 5. The series, based on the successful novels by Cristina Cassar Scalia, follows the story of Vannina Guarrasi, played by Giusy Buscemi, who moves to Catania after a successful career in Palermo’s Antimafia unit. The show is described as a female version of Montalbano and has already captured the hearts of many readers.

Giusy Buscemi also expressed her excitement about filming in Sicily for the first time and shared her experience of playing the complex character of Vanina. The series was shot during the summer, and Buscemi recalls the challenges of balancing work and family while filming. The show’s storyline delves into Vanina’s past and her struggles with her father’s tragic death, exploring themes of resilience and redemption in the face of adversity.

The series, written by Leonardo Marini and produced by Palomar for Rti, also features a talented cast including Claudio Castrogiovanni, Orlando Cinque, Corrado Fortuna, Dajana Roncione, and more. Overall, “Vanina – A Deputy Commissioner in Catania” promises to be a captivating and compelling series that explores themes of identity, justice, and the power of overcoming past traumas.

L’attrice Giusy Buscemi è Vanina: una Montalbano al femminile che fuma e dice parolacce

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