Acireale, ex threatens death: house arrest with ankle bracelet

The precautionary measure that imposes a ban on approaching the places frequented by the victim with the application of an electronic device has been carried out by the Carabinieri of Acireale against a 36-year-old man under investigation for domestic violence and stalking. The order was issued by the Gip of Catania upon request of the district prosecutor of Catania.
At the center of the investigation, based on coordinated inquiries by a group of qualified magistrates on crimes related to gender-based violence, are alleged insulting, threatening, and physical violent behaviors, repeated since the beginning of the cohabitation undertaken approximately seven years ago between the suspect and his partner, a 26-year-old woman.
The victim has allegedly been subjected to death threats accompanied by bursts of anger, physical and verbal assaults, even in the presence of their three young children. The woman, who wanted to end the relationship, moved to Tuscany to stay with some relatives, but the man allegedly went to the mother of the 26-year-old woman trying to intimidate her to obtain information on the whereabouts of her daughter.
Upon her return to Sicily in early April, the woman was allegedly threatened by the 36-year-old man near a church in the presence of other people. The Gip ordered the suspect to comply with the precautionary measure of not approaching the victim, her immediate family, or their workplace and other places they usually frequent, and to maintain a distance of at least one hundred meters from them, their homes, and the places they frequent, with an absolute prohibition on communicating in any way with the victim and her family.

Acireale, minaccia di morte la ex: divieto di dimora con braccialetto

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