Accident in Marsala, car-motorcycle collision: 64-year-old with reserved prognosis transferred to Palermo

An accident occurred in Marsala when a car and a motorcycle collided in the Piazza del Popolo. The motorcyclist was seriously injured and is now hospitalized in Palermo. It is still unclear what caused the accident. According to initial reports, a SUV driven by a young local was parked in the square and then entered the road towards Porta Garibaldi. The 64-year-old motorcyclist tried to avoid the car but was unsuccessful. The impact was strong and the motorcyclist was thrown forward and fell to the ground. An ambulance arrived at the scene and transported him to a hospital in Palermo. Four days ago, another fatal accident occurred in the province of Trapani. A 61-year-old man from Marsala died while participating in a motorcycle rally. His motorcycle collided with another vehicle.