Accident between a truck and a car on highway 114: one injured, traffic paralyzed

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Accident on the state highway 114 “Orientale Sicula” in the territory of Priolo Gargallo: in the collision between a truck and a car, one person was injured. The collision occurred after the exit for Syracuse north, at kilometer 144.600. When the alarm was raised, the traffic police officers and paramedics from the 118 ambulance service arrived on the scene and transported the injured person to the hospital.

Also present at the scene of the accident were Anas personnel for managing the traffic, which was heavily congested in the late morning. Shortly after the impact, the road was closed to allow the rescuers to intervene safely, and after the injured person was transported to the hospital, one lane was reopened. Meanwhile, surveys were conducted to reconstruct the dynamics.

This is the second accident within a few hours in the province of Syracuse: last night, April 1, traffic was paralyzed on a stretch of highway. The collision between two vehicles occurred just before the Lentini exit towards Catania, and in this case too, traffic experienced severe slowdowns.

Incidente tra un camion e un’auto sulla statale 114: un ferito, traffico paralizzato

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