Abandoned Sciascia Zen School in Palermo: 6 million unlocked, says Assessor Tamajo

The external areas of the Sciascia dello Zen comprehensive institute are in a state of semi-abandonment, despite being at the beginning of the school year. In addition to the absence of fire escape stairs, there are also several classrooms that could soon be declared unusable. This was stated in a joint declaration by the PD group leader in the Municipality of Palermo, Rosario Arcoleo, and the councillor for the seventh District, Damiano Cacioppo. Just a few days before the start of the new school year, there are many reported inconveniences. They stated, “This is a school center with enormous potential that is being left in this state. Yet, when there are TV cases, electoral ramps, and so on, the administration always makes an extraordinary intervention and then forgets about those places the next day.” The municipal councilor for school construction, Aristide Tamajo, responded to the two PD representatives, stating, “These are ungenerous statements because extraordinary funds have been allocated to Sciascia and Falcone schools in Zen, specifically twenty thousand and eighty-seven thousand euros, in addition to funds for ordinary maintenance.” He continued, “We have also unlocked funds that will be a breath of fresh air for Zen 1 and Zen 2 institutes. We have approved a program agreement with the Region that will use the former Gescal funds for interventions in the Sciascia school. Specifically, this involves the safety measures of the building in Via Adamo Smith and in Via De Gobbis, with respective amounts of three million and 280 thousand euros and three million and 520 thousand euros. I want to reassure everyone that we have given a strong boost to the use of these funds in order to start the works as soon as possible.” Regarding the external area, which is almost entirely covered by weeds and scrub, the councilor predicts an intervention within a few days and certainly by the 13th, when the schools will reopen. “The Reset’s timetable has slipped by a few days due to extraordinary works related to the ascent on Monte Pellegrino,” the councilor explains. “The intervention at Sciascia is scheduled, and in half a day, the operators will clean up the area, in order to welcome students and school staff in the best possible way.”

“Scuola Sciascia dello Zen di Palermo abbandonata”, l’assessore Tamajo: “Sbloccati 6 milioni”

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