A mother from Acireale asks for forgiveness from her daughter: the response is cold

Explain to me briefly the following article:

“The Sicily still protagonist on C’è posta per te, the program on Canale 5 hosted by Maria De Filippi. This time the story revolves around a mother and a daughter, with the unopened envelope being a central element. The two women are from Acireale, with Jessica, after 11 years of absence, trying to reconnect with her daughter Corinne.

When Jessica was only 15 years old, she decided to follow her heart and pursue a relationship with a man, which unfortunately led to her being separated from her daughters. The separation from the father of the girls was inevitable, and the two girls were entrusted to their father. In the meantime, Jessica built a new life with Antonino, the man she loved, and had three more daughters.

Jessica lost contact with her daughters, but she assures it was not her fault. Last night she reunited with her daughter Corinne after 11 years, who appeared distressed, trembling, but during the show she was tough and unforgiving. Despite the host’s insistence, Corinne wants nothing to do with her mother: ‘She should have thought about it before, now it’s too late, I don’t want anything to do with her.’

Just before closing the envelope, Maria De Filippi asked Corinne what she would take away from this meeting. Corinne’s response was icy: ‘The realization and the principle of never having been like her.'”

Translated into English.

A C’è posta per te una madre di Acireale chiede il perdono della figlia: la risposta è glaciale

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