9 drug trafficking convictions upheld on appeal in Siracusa

Nine convictions and one acquittal in the Court of Appeal in Catania against the defendants arrested in the Tonnara operation and accused, in various capacities, of criminal association aimed at drug trafficking. The criminal group operated in the Santa Panagia area, north of Syracuse. Vincenzo Buccheri was sentenced to 10 years and 3 months; Dario Caldarella to 10 years and 3 months; Marco Maieli to 5 years and 6 months; Antonio Rizza to 16 years and 6 months; Ivan Rossitto to 12 years and 1 month; Pasquale Graziano Urso to 4 years; Raffaele Ballocco to 13 years and 4 months; Danilo Briante to 24 years; Gaetano Maieli to 12 years. Giuseppina Riani was acquitted for not having committed the offense. According to the district anti-mafia office, which coordinated the investigation, at the top of the group were Rizza and Briante who would have organized the drug dealers in “real shifts”, to ensure the sale of doses of drugs throughout the day.

Traffico di droga a Siracusa, 9 condanne in appello

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