82 teams and 400 students compete in provincial chess championships in Palermo

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A big celebration with the student sports championships – Trofeo Scacchi Scuola and the provincial youth chess championship of Palermo. The competitions took place at the national boarding school Giovanni Falcone, a historic institute with an active chess project for over 30 years, which has produced numerous talents in the game of chess.

At the team championships, organized in collaboration with the regional school office, 82 teams from schools in Palermo and its province of all levels participated, totaling over 400 boys and girls. The winners in each category have qualified for the regional phase scheduled on April 22 in Marsala.

In the individual championships, there were 217 participants, making it the most participated provincial championship in all of Italy. Winners in various categories were listed, and a special tribute was paid to Emanuele Camarda, a former student of the boarding school, in memory of his late mother, Angela Di Liberto Camarda, who was a great supporter of chess.

The article concludes with thanks to the rector of the boarding school, as well as the administrative director, staff, and the project coordinator, Angela Iacono, for their support in making the event a success.

Giovani scacchisti a Palermo per i campionati provinciali: 82 squadre e 400 studenti si danno battaglia

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