745 former Pip workers start first day in Palermo, after 20 years with a real contract

The article describes the joy and relief of 745 workers from the former Pip basin in Palermo who have finally been granted stable contracts after years of precarity. The process was initiated by Sas and supported by the Sicilian Region, with a budget allocated for the years 2024-2026. The workers express their happiness and gratitude for the new job security, although some hope to improve their part-time contracts in the future. The fight continues to ensure all 1162 workers receive their contracts. The ultimate goal is to see all colleagues signed up and celebrate true job security. The article includes interviews with Mimma Calabrò, Rosalia Bellante, and Antonino Tortorici, who share their experiences and hopes for the future.

Palermo, il primo giorno di lavoro per 745 ex Pip: «Dopo 20 anni un vero contratto»

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