69-year-old man arrested for attempting to assault a swimmer at Aci Castello cliffs

A sixty-nine year old man who attempted to sexually assault a Russian woman, who has been living in Catania for some time, while she was bathing on the cliffs of Aci Castello, has been arrested for sexual violence by the local carabinieri. The officers intervened after a passerby reported the incident to the emergency number, and they caught the man in the act of attacking the victim, who was resisting and yelling for help.

According to investigators, the woman had gone to Aci Castello by herself for a swim in the sea. When she emerged from the water around noon, she was surprised by the man, who was completely naked, and he threw her to the ground, pounced on her, and attempted to remove her swimsuit. The victim, in a desperate attempt to defend herself, grabbed a rock and struck the attacker on the head, managing to free herself momentarily and try to escape. However, the man caught her again and began hitting her with slaps and punches. At that moment, a passerby noticed the scene and called the emergency number. The carabinieri, who were already in the area, arrived quickly and, following the victim’s screams, managed to interrupt the assault and called for medical assistance from the emergency services.

The woman, who had visible abrasions on her body, was taken to Cannizzaro hospital in Catania, where she was discharged after receiving the necessary treatment. The man, who was also treated at the hospital for the head injury, was arrested by the carabinieri.

Aci Castello, tenta di abusare di una bagnante sulla scogliera: arrestato sessantanovenne

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