65 migrants rescued by an NGO land on Lampedusa: two injured

Sixty-five migrants were rescued while on a rubber dinghy in international waters by the sailboat Trotamar III of the NGO People in Motion. Fifty-nine – Egyptians, Ethiopians, Gambians, Guineans, Nigerians, and Senegalese – were transferred to the coast guard patrol boat Cp319 and landed in Lampedusa during the night. Two injured migrants were immediately taken to the outpatient clinic. Another six migrants were transferred to the NGO Nadir, which will reach Lampedusa autonomously. The group, also including 11 women and 4 minors, reported that they had departed from El-Agelat, Libya.

Currently, there are 216 migrants, including 12 unaccompanied minors, at the Imbriacola hotspot. There are no planned transfers for today due to rough seas and no scheduled maritime connections.

Lampedusa, sbarcano 65 migranti soccorsi da una ong: ci sono due feriti

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