53-year-old dies in Palermo after losing control of scooter and crashing into tree

In the late evening of yesterday, Easter Monday 2024, a 53-year-old motorcyclist, of Romanian origin, lost his life in a road accident that occurred on Dante Street, just before the intersection with Virgilio Square, in Palermo. According to a preliminary reconstruction, the man was traveling on a scooter, a T-Max, when, for reasons under investigation, he lost control of the motorcycle, crashing into a tree. The impact was fatal.

Passing drivers stopped and alerted the emergency services. An ambulance from the 118 emergency service and the municipal police arrived on the scene. When the paramedics arrived, the man was found lifeless: he is believed to have died instantly.

The municipal police’s accident investigation unit conducted all the necessary investigations to understand the exact dynamics of the incident. According to an initial reconstruction, there were no other vehicles involved.

Incidente a Palermo, perde il controllo dello scooter e si schianta contro un albero: muore a 53 anni

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