4 Migrant Boats Reach Lampedusa: Police Block Them

Four small boats, two of which arrived simultaneously at the Favarolo dock and the Madonnina dock, have directly reached the mainland of Lampedusa. The groups that had just landed were stopped by the carabinieri and the military of the finance guard station, overnight. The first boat, coming from Zwara in Libya and arriving at the Madonnina dock, carried 35 people (2 women) from Egypt, Eritrea, Syria, and Sudan; the second boat, departing from Sfax in Tunisia and arriving at the commercial dock, carried 20 people (2 women and 1 minor) from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Niger, and South Sudan. At dawn, simultaneously, a boat with 29 people (2 women and 4 minors) from Gambia, Syria, and Iraq, departing from Sfax, docked at Favarolo, and another boat with 35 people (2 minors) traveling from Sabratha arrived at the Madonnina dock. The total number of landings has increased to 8 since midnight, with a total of 473 people. Five small boats have departed from Libya, including two wooden vessels, rescued by the finance guard and the coast guard, with a total of 133 people (17 women and 6 minors) and 125 people (16 women and 7 minors) from Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Pakistan, Syria, and Sudan.

Migranti, quattro barchini arrivano a Lampedusa: li bloccano le forze dell’ordine

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