2,500 kilos of fish seized in Palermo’s local markets and from street vendors

Approximately 2.5 tons of fish products were seized over the weekend by the Port Authority in Palermo, during checks in local markets and with street vendors. In total, 50 checks were carried out and 13 administrative violations were identified, with fines totaling 15,000 euros.

The authorities found that the fish specimens were not traceable and were being sold below the regulatory size, leading to the seizure of 50 kilograms of undersized sardines. The product, deemed fit for human consumption by the health authorities, was donated to the Food Bank of Western Sicily.

Coast guard officials and carabinieri conducted inspections at the historic Ballarò market and two fishmongers in the Capo neighborhood. A restaurant was also inspected, where 150 kilograms of fish without traceability were found and seized. The fish product was destroyed by a specialized company as it was considered unfit for human consumption.

Palermo, sequestrati 2.500 chili di pesce nei mercatini rionali e ai venditori ambulanti

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