25-year-old arrested in Siracusa for concealing 3 kilograms of cocaine in backpack

The police in Siracusa have arrested a 25-year-old man for drug trafficking and possession of weapons. The man was found in possession of about 3 kilograms of cocaine and two guns. The police stopped the man near Testaferrata Street as he was walking quickly towards a parking lot with a pink backpack. Inside the backpack, they found over 3 kg of pure cocaine divided into pressed sheets and vacuum-sealed containers to evade drug-sniffing dogs. According to the police, once cut and divided into doses, the drugs would have fetched a profit of approximately €300,000. During a subsequent search of his home, the police found two guns, marijuana, and hashish, some of which were already divided into doses and ready for sale.

Nascondeva 3 chili di cocaina nello zaino, 25enne arrestato a Siracusa

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