22,412 liters of diesel seized in Gela as “dangerous” fuel

Military personnel from the provincial command of the financial police in Caltanissetta and the group in Gela, together with officials from the customs agency in Porto Empedocle, seized 22,412 liters of non-compliant diesel that was about to be put into consumption by 2 distribution plants in the municipalities of Gela and Niscemi. Thanks to the use of a mobile chemical laboratory from the Adm in Palermo, which analyzed samples of hydrocarbons taken, the non-compliance of the diesel emerged, which had a flash point of less than 40 degrees, when safety regulations require it to be no less than 55 degrees in order to minimize the risk of flammable mixtures forming in storage tanks. In addition to the seizing of the non-compliant fuel, two people were reported to the Gela Prosecutor’s Office for fraud in the exercise of trade.

Gela, carburante «pericoloso»: sequestrati 22.412 litri di gasolio

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