20-year-old seriously burned during a barbeque in Catania. Doctor warns: “Alcohol bottles can become Molotov cocktails”

A dozen people sought treatment from doctors at the Burns Center of Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania for burns sustained during barbecue gatherings on Easter Monday. The most severe incident occurred in Belpasso, where three young individuals were engulfed by a flashback flame. Two of them have been discharged, while the third remains in critical condition. The head of the complex operative unit, Dr. Rosario Ranno, explained that they were involved in the explosion of a bottle of alcohol, which turned into a Molotov cocktail due to the flashback flame. The most seriously injured is a twenty-year-old with second and third-degree burns covering 40% of their body and compromised airways. Dr. Ranno lamented the unhealthy habit of using alcohol instead of safer options like specific barbecue lighting products, as this often results in preventable consequences.

Ustionati durante grigliate nel Catanese, grave un ventenne. Il primario: «Le bottiglie di alcool diventano molotov»

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