192 more migrants arrived in Lampedusa on five boats.

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Five landings with a total of 192 migrants, within a few hours, in Lampedusa. The boats, which left from Tunisia and Libya, were rescued by the coast guard’s patrol vessels, the Romanian Frontex team, the coast guard, and the financial police.

On board were 22, 20, 50, 57, and 43 Bengalis, Egyptians, Syrians, Ivorians, Guineans, Nigerians, and Malians. The groups, including women and children, reported that they had departed from Sabratha, Zwara, and Tajura in Libya, and from Sfax in Tunisia. They have all been taken to the contrada Imbriacola hotspot.

Migranti, altri 192 arrivati a Lampedusa con cinque imbarcazioni

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