19 people reported for electricity theft in Palermo.

The article talks about the ongoing checks by the provincial command of the Carabinieri in Palermo to fight widespread crime and the theft of electricity. After recent verifications in the city and province, 73 families were found to be illegally connected to the Enel electricity network without a contract. Following a new extraordinary control service with Enel technicians, 19 more cases of illegal connections and theft of electricity were discovered. The military of the Palermo Centro and Brancaccio stations have reported 19 people to the Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo for illegal connections in the neighborhoods of Borgo Vecchio, Brancaccio, and Sperone. The suspects will have to pay for the estimated consumption and could face 2 to 6 years in prison if convicted of aggravated theft.

Furti di energia elettrica a Palermo, denunciate 19 persone

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