18-year-old arrested in Catania with revolver, 25 grams of cocaine, and a transmitter

An 18-year-old boy was arrested in Catania by the carabinieri because he was caught riding a scooter on which he was carrying a revolver without ammunition, 25 grams of cocaine, and a transceiver on Via Capo Passero. The weapon was still owned by a man from Acireale born in 1907. In the boy’s home, 815 euros were seized. The teenager is accused of possession of narcotics, illegal possession of weapons, and handling of stolen goods.

All the material found was seized, while investigations are still ongoing to shed light on how the young man came into possession of the weapon. The boy has been placed under house arrest. The operation was carried out by the carabinieri of the operational nucleus of the Catania Fontanarossa company, who carried out a series of targeted investigative actions that led to the arrest of the boy, who lives in Via Capo Passero.

The carabinieri had noticed that the young man, on board a SH 125 scooter, was extremely busy between the streets of the San Giovanni Galermo district, where he lives with his family, shuttling between motorists who usually go to that area to buy narcotics. Understanding the dynamics of the young man’s movements, the carabinieri decided to carry out a blitz, surrounding him with their service vehicles on Via Capo Passero, so as not to give him any chance to escape.

The teenager stated that he was the sole user of the scooter, even though the vehicle was registered in his father’s name, admitting that everything found on the vehicle was attributable to him.

Aveva un revolver, 25 grammi di cocaina ed una ricetrasmittente: diciottenne arrestato a Catania

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