16 arrests made as clan’s hands on Vittoria market packaging, boss conducts business from home arrest

The article discusses an anti-mafia investigation in Vittoria, Ragusa, focusing on a clan involved in the production and commercialization of packaging for agricultural products. The investigation, led by the Catania District Anti-Mafia Directorate, resulted in the arrest of 16 individuals allegedly connected to the mafia clan headed by Emanuele “Elio” Greco. The clan is accused of using mafia tactics to dominate the packaging industry, bypassing legal measures such as asset seizures. The investigation also uncovered connections to other criminal groups and illegal activities, including the procurement of illicit fuel. According to the prosecutors, the clan committed various crimes and gained control of economic activities in the region.

Le mani del clan sugli imballaggi del mercato di Vittoria, il boss organizzava gli affari dai domiciliari: 16 arresti

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