130 red tuna confiscated in a month and a half in Palermo and province.

In a month and a half, in Palermo and its province, almost 23 tons of fishery products were seized by the coast guard, including 130 specimens of bluefin tuna weighing a total of 19.5 tons. The inspections were carried out from May 1st to June 14th, with a total of 220 inspections and 527 checks. 45 administrative violations were confirmed, resulting in fines totaling 79,500 euros. Various targets were inspected in Palermo, with about 2 tons of bluefin tuna seized from illegal vendors at local markets, along with other fish products lacking proper documentation and sanitary conditions, resulting in fines of around 15,000 euros. In other operations, almost 10 tons of bluefin tuna were seized and fines of nearly 50,000 euros were imposed for transport without the necessary Bluefin Tuna Catch Documents.

Inspections were also extended throughout the province, including stops of fishing boats returning with bluefin tuna without the necessary documents for nearly 12 tons of seized fish and fines totaling 20,500 euros. The coast guard’s operations involved various ports, resulting in the seizure of 93 bluefin tuna specimens weighing 12 tons. The devices activated included all maritime offices in the Palermo area, from Gela to Cefalù, including various islands.

In Trapani, the coast guard seized nearly 2 tons of fish products, including 12 bluefin tuna specimens, along with 600 kilograms of expired salted cod. In Agrigento, inspectors seized 5,200 kilograms of fish products, including 45 bluefin tuna specimens, and issued fines for irregularities in fishing logs and for not pre-notifying bluefin tuna landings. In total, the operation from May 1st to June 14th resulted in 457 inspections, 104 administrative violations, fines totaling 161,000 euros, and the seizure of nearly 29 tons of fish products, including 153 bluefin tuna specimens.

Bluefin tuna is a protected species in the Mediterranean, subject to strict regulations governing its fishing. Catches are allowed based on allocated quotas established at the European level with the involvement of the ICCAT (International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas).

Tonno rosso, in un mese e mezzo sequestrati 130 esemplari tra Palermo e provincia

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