13-year-old dies on scooter in Favara: his friend and friend’s father under investigation

Two people are being investigated for the death of Antonio Mendolia, a thirteen-year-old boy who fell off a scooter on the afternoon of May 26 on Portella street in Favara. The public prosecutor of Agrigento, Giulia Sbocchia, has placed the father of the victim’s friend under investigation. This friend, who is the same age as the victim, is also being investigated by the juvenile prosecutor for manslaughter. He was driving the scooter, which caused the accident. The boy, who is not legally responsible as he is under 14 years old, was driving the scooter without a license and without insurance. The juvenile prosecutor accuses him of causing the death of his friend who was sitting behind him. The boy apparently was thrown off the scooter and violently hit a wall. The father, who is accused of not supervising his son’s behavior, is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. Both suspects have hired lawyer Salvatore Cusumano as their defense attorney. The scooter has been seized for further investigative purposes.

Il tredicenne morto sullo scooter a Favara: indagati l’amico coetaneo e suo padre

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