11 deputies fined in the first month for absenteeism at the Sicilian Regional Assembly

The balance sheet of the first month of application of the new regulation, which came into force on May 1st, shows fines for 11 regional deputies. The regulation stipulates a fine of 180 euros for parliamentarians absent during sessions in which bills are voted on, and 180 euros for members absent during committee votes, with fines totaling up to a maximum of 540 euros per month in this case. The new rules, unanimously approved by the President of the ARS Council, have halved the monthly leaves, now only allowing for one instead of two. The fines in May amount to about 3 thousand euros and relate to four parliamentary sessions: two on May 7th, one on May 8th, and one on May 15th. Some of the 11 deputies were fined for multiple absences.

Deputati assentisti all’Assemblea Regionale Siciliana, undici multati nel primo mese

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