10 arrests in Caltanissetta for cocaine, weapons, and assaults

Ten precautionary measures executed by the State police in Caltanissetta for association for drug trafficking and extortion. During the investigations, over a kilogram of cocaine and 75 thousand euros in cash were seized. The measure, issued by the judge on the request of the prosecutors of Nissena, provided for imprisonment for the suspects who were seriously suspected of being part of a criminal association aimed at drug trafficking. Some of them also allegedly extorted money from customers who had not honored drug debts. The aggravating factor of the availability of a weapon was also contested, based on what emerged from the interceptions. The investigations by the mobile squad, which began in February 2023, allowed to ascertain that the gang had supplied cocaine to numerous buyers.

It would have been delivered to the suspects’ home or near the “Tritone” fountain in Caltanissetta (hence the name of the operation). According to the outcome of the recordings from the security cameras installed by the State police, there were hundreds of drug exchanges. The cocaine, on some occasions, would have been prepared on a marble slab and consumed in groups by buyers. There were also beatings decided by the leaders of the association for the recovery of money. The mobile squad, with the use of 70 agents, carried out the arrest order issued by the prosecutor of Caltanissetta at dawn.

Cocaina, armi e pestaggi: dieci arresti a Caltanissetta

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