Youth Emigration in Sicily: ‘Allontanarsi dalla Linea’ Documentary

“Allontanarsi dalla linea” is a new documentary written and produced by the young Palermo native Dario Cangemi. The film explores the phenomenon of young people leaving Sicily, the second region in Italy for the rate of youth abandonment. The documentary delves into the various facets of Sicily, rich in history and beauty, but also plagued by social and economic dynamics that lead to mass emigration. The director, Dario Cangemi, comments on the Sicilian people’s culture of favoritism and the lack of contribution from schools and universities to change mentality and foster growth. The documentary also features interviews with Mimmo Cuticchio, a prominent figure in Sicilian puppetry and storytelling traditions. After the screening, future projects and the lineup of the young film production and distribution company, Marte Studios, will be presented.

“Allontanarsi dalla Linea”, un documentario sullo spopolamento giovanile in Sicilia

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