Youth assaulted and beaten by three people in Bagheria, hospitalized

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A 21-year-old man, between Via Palagonia and Via Inzerillo in Bagheria (Palermo), was punched in the face and beaten with a bat all over his body and then left on the ground bleeding by three people who fled in a car. The young man had to be transported to the hospital. The alarm was raised by some passersby who were attracted by the screams.

The health workers from 118 arrived and took the young man first to the first aid center in Bagheria and then to Buccheri La Ferla. The prognosis is 20 days for various injuries and a head trauma. The police are conducting investigations and trying to reconstruct the reasons for the attack and identify the attackers.

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Aggredito e picchiato da tre persone a Bagheria, giovane in ospedale

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