Young pregnant woman dies in Palermo: illness and frantic rush to the hospital

A 28-year-old pregnant woman from Palermo, Giorgia Migliarda, tragically passed away, leaving behind her three children and husband. The news of her death filled social media with messages of grief, disbelief, and a desire for understanding. Family and friends expressed their heartbreak over losing such a loving and sunny person. There are accusations against the emergency services for their delayed response, as the family opted to transport Giorgia to the hospital by car. Despite efforts by doctors to resuscitate her for over an hour, she could not be saved. The body has been taken to the mortuary, pending further investigation by the prosecutor’s office. The ambulance service explains that it took about 10 minutes to reach the scene and a vehicle with a doctor was sent due to the severity of the situation. However, the family did not wait for the arrival of the medical professionals and transported the woman themselves. The ambulance personnel were reportedly attacked upon their arrival.

Il malore e la folle corsa in ospedale: il dramma della giovane incinta morta a Palermo

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