Young man from Naro charged with stalking and violence

The judge of the Agrigento court, Micaela Raimondo, has sent to trial a twenty-nine-year-old man from Naro, accused of stalking, aggravated assault, and private violence, for not accepting the end of his relationship with a young woman belonging to the police forces, threatening to discredit her with her superiors and physically assaulting her. A friend of the girl, who tried to stop him, also became a target of the young man, who allegedly attacked her by grabbing her by the neck and threatening to burn her car if she reported him.

Another accusation of private violence, separate from the others, involves a female resident doctor: the woman was allegedly forced to let him into her car and then forcibly held down and forced to listen to him.

In recent weeks, the twenty-nine-year-old had been placed under the precautionary measure of a restraining order from the victims (the prosecutor requested house arrest with an electronic bracelet). He has now been sent to trial. The three alleged victims, who reported him, have joined the case with the assistance of lawyers Giuseppe Pedalino, Francescocristian Schembri, and Salvatore Virgone. The incidents date back to last summer.

Stalking e violenza, giovane di Naro rinviato a giudizio

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