Young man arrested in Palermo’s Santa Rosalia village Arsenal with weapons and drugs

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The financiers of the provincial command of Palermo have arrested a 21-year-old from Palermo and seized 4 firearms, including a submachine gun, and drugs.
The green berets of the rapid response group during a check in the Santa Rosalia Village neighborhood noticed the suspect hurriedly move away as soon as he saw the financiers.
He was stopped and found to be in possession of some doses of hashish. In the house, cocaine and crack envelopes for 23 grams and a weapons deposit were found.
An American-made Sites Spectre M4 submachine gun caliber 9 Parabellum, classified as a war weapon, a Colt semi-automatic pistol caliber 45 and two Smith & Wesson revolvers caliber 32 and 38, all equipped with their respective cartridges, 250 in total, and 5 magazines.
One of the guns was stolen from a home a year ago. It belonged to a Palermo man who owned it legally. Two revolvers had the serial number scratched off. The judge of Palermo has validated the arrest for drug trafficking and possession of weapons.

Arsenale al villaggio Santa Rosalia, arrestato un giovane a Palermo: in casa aveva armi e droga

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